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Introducing my beautiful ‘love and other stuff’ inspiration bundles, themed to support the many and varied experiences and challenges often faced by women. Made with top quality 350gsm paper, each ‘love and other stuff’ themed bundle features 6 stunning A6 double sided cards bursting with love and empowerment, helping you to rise up on those tough days. Soak in and visualise the words of encouragement or flip the card over to allow the supportive messages to wash over you…

Be challenged to grow with the ‘Manifest’ card by writing down your hopes and goals and make them happen!

Pin the cards up on your wall, use them as a bookmark, store them in your bag for times when you need a lift or post them to a friend who needs some love.

Made with quality, beauty and inspiration in mind, my ‘love and other stuff’ bundles are sure to brighten your days…



 ‘The Motherhood Bundle’

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Order your Bundle now! Only $19.95 with free postage.


The ‘Self-Love’ Bundle & The ‘Grief and Loss’ Bundle